Shooting of "Polka Dots" at the Hoboken Train Station Terminal


While location-scouting for the shoot with Suzanna, I knew I wanted a green background to complement the bright yellow and red polka dots pants and a top chosen for her. I went over the photos I took with my cell phone of interesting locations, but nothing stood out. As the day of the shoot came near, I was now actively thinking about my location, but no inspired places emerged.


My luck changed however, when one night I boarded a ferry for Hoboken to pick up some photo equipment. As the boat arrived at the station, I was amazed at the elegant arches and the clock tower. Wow, and the building was green! I immediately contacted Suzanna, my model, to give her the details of the location for the shoot.


Preparation leads to a good execution. Suzanna wore the polka dots pants and top which really stood out against the green walls of Hoboken Terminal. We also used the "props" we were able to find in the area, like the big, also, green trash container on the side of the station.


We used the natural light because we wanted to have the freedom of moving around the area and most importantly, we wanted to have fun.


Check out the final product:

Model: Susanna.MacDonald (Instagram)

Author: Monika Pia